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Welcome to Knots Aviation, the most capable distributor of state-of-the-art handcrafted single-engine Robin Aircraft and Aquila Aviation in India. Bringing world-class technology back home ensuring cost efficiency, safety, handling in form of fine-tuned modern European fleets. 

We offer the full spectrum of single-engine training aircraft to choose ranging from Robin Aircrafts and Aquila Aviation including sales support and top-notch maintenance that would enable you to not just fly these incredible machines but also to roar higher and unleash the best of you.

Knots Aerospace

We are your trustful resource for every one of your requirements. We offer a total, most current armada of single-engine aircraft with the best flight training execution attributes and safety records in the industry.

Our company is 100% dedicated to the well-being of our clients and the nature of our items and administrations. We share your energy for aeronautics and anticipate presenting to you a groundbreaking involvement with flight.

About us

Since our inception, we have thrived in providing the best in class training aircraft from leading European manufacturers like Robin Aircrafts and Aquila Aviation. Our company is built on delivering the best experience in terms of top-notch support, maintenance, modern fleet based on the latest cutting-edge technology while remaining cost-efficient and making safety one of our top priorities.



Our mission is to bring a world-class flying experience to India through robust support, safety, and state-of-the-art European technology to enable high-class training modules for both beginners and professionals. 



We envision to stand out in India with our steady work to push the bar of real client care, cutting-edge innovation, and backing. These qualities lie in our establishing ethos that doesn’t permit us to agree to anything lesser.


Aquila A212

Having its EASA Type Certificate since spring 2020 is our AQUILA with a ROTAX 914 Turbo motor. An extraordinary benefit is the consistent, high climbing rate, which can be arrived at that way.

Robin DR401 (Training Plane)

Notable for its flight characteristics, its power, and the fuel investment funds it offers, the DR401 Training plane is intended to give in the interest of flight schools and flying clubs.

Robin DR401 (Towing Plane)

Exceptionally well known on European coasting landing strips, our 180 tow plane is a reference with regards to productivity, versatility, and execution.


Aquila A414

The A414 is the initial four-seater work by AQUILA Aviation International GmbH. With this task, a ton of additional opportunities unfurl – concerning transport, yet additionally concerning usage of an AQUILA.

Robin DR401 (Travelling Plane)

Its advantageous gas tanks offer the 160 LR (for Long Range) higher independence than the vast majority of its rivals without downsizing its exhibitions.

Knots Aerospace

Robin DR401 (Skillful Plane)

Last conceived, our JET-A1 DR401 realizes how to coordinate with joy, effortlessness, solace, security … and quietness. Working reserve funds and regard of the climate are compelling and genuine.

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