Conversion Flying

Knots Aviation Offers conversion flying

Conversion Flying


Go for Knots Aviation conversion flying training course. This course is for those who have a valid commercial pilot Licence or private training Licence and wish to convert or upgrade such Licence. Knots Aviation follows DGCA approved methodologies and course curriculum and offers end-to-end assistance to pilots looking to receive the finest conversion flying and Licence training. We have certified and licensed instructors and students receive theory based as well as simulator and actual flying time training with licensed pilots in attendance.

This course is also the right one for students who have received a pilot Licence from institutions abroad and wish to convert the Licence to a valid Indian commercial pilot Licence as specified by the rules of DGCA. Once you join the course you receive personalized training and we conduct internal tests to make sure you are ready for the DGCA Licence conversion examination.

Eligibility is a valid class I medical certificate, valid Licence and proficiency in English.

The full-time course covers theory, flying training, flight simulator training and actual flight tests. We offer training on single-engine and multi-engine.

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