Aquila A212


Having its EASA Type Certificate since spring 2020 is our AQUILA with a ROTAX 914 Turbo motor. An extraordinary benefit is the consistent, high climbing rate, which can be arrived at that way. That the departure weight can be expanded up to 800 kg is a pleasant incidental effect. We previously made a few tests with an AQUILA in the Alps and we were more than fulfilled. Here are the specifications for it:-


Aquila A414


The A414 is the initial four-seater work by AQUILA Aviation International GmbH. With this task, a ton of additional opportunities unfurl – concerning transport, yet additionally concerning usage of an AQUILA. Our solid development will be changed in accordance with its new prerequisites and supplemented by the most current instruments. Quality made in Germany – hand-tailored and gathered in our on-location manufacturing plant in Schönhagen close to Berlin. In this way, anticipate an entirely different encounter while partaking in the lovely sensation of sitting in an AQUILA. Here are some specifications you want to might want to take a look at:-


Robin DR401 (Training Plane)

Notable for its flight characteristics, its power, and the fuel investment funds it offers, the DR401 Training plane is intended to give in the interest of flight schools and flying clubs.

Mounted with a 120hp-Lycoming-motor and planned with an adjusted wing-profile, the DR401 120A preferably demands a climb rate over cruising speed regardless of whether it can guarantee a wide scope of missions: from fundamental training preparing to route and IFR. Take a look at the amazing specification of this plane:-


Robin DR401 (Travelling Plane)

Its advantageous gas tanks offer the 160 LR (for Long Range) higher independence than the vast majority of its rivals without downsizing its exhibitions. Add to it adds convenience and a drop of unwavering quality with our arrival gears and of fixed-pitch propeller and you will have a genuine voyager: the 160LR.

Heavy carrier, the 160LR can undoubtedly take 4 individuals and as much as 60 kilos of baggage. To wrap things up, with a 240 absolute gas tank limit, there is no objective you can only with significant effort reach. Some specifications you might want to look at :-


Robin DR401 (Towing Plane)

Exceptionally well known on European coasting landing strips, our 180 tow plane is a reference with regards to productivity, versatility, and execution. Outfitted with a 180HP Lycoming motor, you can either pick a variable pitch propeller (180/RCS) or a proper pitch propeller. One thing is without a doubt, this tow plane is a tireless specialist and will give you whole fulfillment more than some other. Some interesting specifications about the plane:-


Robin DR401 (Skillful Plane)

Knots Aerospace

Last conceived, our JET-A1 DR401 realizes how to coordinate with joy, effortlessness, solace, security … and quietness. Working reserve funds and regard of the climate are compelling and genuine. Because of the Continental motors declined in 135hp and 155hp mounted with super, flexible pitch propeller and water cooling framework.

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